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Accurate Information

Information is only valuable when it is accurate. We at Bevdog grew tired of the mounting inaccurate information in the restaurant industry on multiple publishers. So, we designed a platform to correct, organize, and enhance that information allowing that information to be easier found by consumers. Through Bevdog’s Data correction, organization, enhancement, and management of Restaurant’s data we increase the SEO and Local Search values for both Restaurants and Beverage Brands. This allows consumers to find your Restaurant and your specials via search. Bevdog will manage this information within our Publisher Network and refresh it every 30-60 days to keep the information accurate and fresh for Search Engine Optimization purposes. Bevdog also has our Real-Time specials platform that enables restaurants to create or edit their specials and post them in Real-Time to reach local undecided consumers.

Connect with Consumers

Bevdog connects the Beverage Industry, the Restaurant Industry and local Consumers with accurate and enhanced information in Real-Time through Bevdog’s web and mobile platform. Beverage Brands and Restaurants are able to edit and publish food, drink, and event specials via Bevdog’s platform and reach local consumers instantly. In addition to Bevdog’s Real-Time platform we enhance Restaurants’ information through Bevdog’s Publisher Network on over 400 of the Nations leading Websites, Mobile Applications, Local Directories, and GPS Systems which allows local consumers to find them via search. Bevdog indexes Beverage Brands at their on-premise locations, so consumers can search brands and find where they are located. Reach mass amounts of local consumers searching food and drink specials instantly. Grow your brand, grow your market share, & increase sales. Click here to create a free listing for your restaurant.